Positive Ways to Discipline your Kids

Most parents have had problems trying to discipline their kids. We love them and all want the best for them. If you like I have children who don’t listen; this is definitely something you should read since we will give you a few easy tips on how to do this without resorting to screaming and […]


Choosing the right toy for your kid.

There are millions of toys out there for kids to play with, and about a hundred toys become available in stores. So it’s obvious why so many kids are getting injured from them. Toys are supposed to be fun and are important for social development as kids grow up. However, there is an increasing number […]


Time Management

Teaching your kids time management is very critical, and it’s all about teaching them how to balance your priorities. Everything in life will link back to how well you can manage your time. This is also a critical indicator of success. Not many parents teach their kids proper time management and this can hurt their […]